Heroes & Hellhounds, Episode 9

Nevaeh Humans are gross. They might seem nice and clear in the light of day but then they do something stupid like get roaring blackout drunk. Then they get all handsy and they reek of alcohol and sometimes they even vomit. It’s disgusting. That’s why, most days, I thank my lucky stars that I’m a... Continue Reading →


Book Preview – Chapter 1, Pt.2

I pulled back and he sighed heavily as he took both my hands in his and studied my knuckles. “What happened, love?” he asked, raising my hand to softly press kisses to my fingers. “It was silly, I’m still having a little trouble keeping calm.” “Do you still want to go out?” he asked, his... Continue Reading →

Book Preview – Chapter 1, Pt.1

Chapter One My history with the old Warlock was complicated. To say really didn’t get along would be the understatement of the century. I worked for the Grimmers, a family orientated mercenary association dedicated to protecting humans from any and all supernatural threats. The Warlock was definitely one of those threats and he had a... Continue Reading →

Heroes & Hellhounds, Episode 8

Nevaeh I prowled into the club, wearing tight black jeans and an equally tight black top, it had long sleeves but showed a generous amount of breast. I was hoping that the glimpse of the goods would keep anyone from noticing how out of place my shoes looked. The foolish women were walking around on... Continue Reading →

Grimmer Legacy Character Profiles

The Grimmers - The Older Generation- Tyler Grimmer. Age: 62.  Felix Grimmer. Age: 62. Amber Grimmer. Age: 59. Special Skills: Creating enchanted objects/ devices. Gordo Grimmer. Age: 57. Species: Fey-Warlock Hybrid. Jackie Grimmer. Age: 53.  Bonny Grimmer. Age: 50. Species: Witch. The Younger Generation- Jay Grimmer. Age: 32. Species: Winged Fey-Warlock Hybrid.  Amy Grimmer. Age: 30. ... Continue Reading →

Heroes & Hellhounds, Episode 7

Nevaeh I felt strangely at peace as I stared up at the night sky, the flames of a fire flickering off my skin. We all sat around the fire, Terra, Rosa, Cathy, Dee, Wolfe and I. I closed my eyes, listening to the conversation but not actively participating. Feeling peaceful was an entirely new experience... Continue Reading →

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