Zombie Apocalypse, Part 4

The next morning I sat In the same room that I had been brought to when I first arrived, which had apparently previously been some rich man’s study, eating a sandwich. “Why are you squirming?” asked Lissa, glancing at me over the rim of her glasses. “My butt hurts,” I told her before lifting my... Continue Reading →


Zombie Apocalypse, Part 3

I awoke with a jerk and barely restrained from lashing out at the person who had shaken my shoulder to wake me. “Oh, Charlie, what’s wrong?” I asked glancing around. Most of the children were in the room and most were awake, looking at me. I blinked tiredly. “You were moving and mumbling,” she told... Continue Reading →

Cadence: My Angel, Chapter 2

Chapter Two -  After a few moments, I felt strong enough to pull away. It was then that I noticed the huge white wings that sprouted from his back were outstretched and on full display. Usually, he kept them covered up, even from other angels, but now they were displayed proudly. His wings were curved... Continue Reading →

Rogues: Wild Card

‘Who is she?’ Arendell asked, his voice clipped and professional as he stared through the one-way mirror at the woman sitting handcuffed to the metal table. ‘Charity, goes by Char, she’s gone by a number of different last names but as far as we can tell they're all fake. The planet she’s from is relatively... Continue Reading →

Heroes & Hellhounds, Episode 11

Nevaeh “Whose birthday is it?” I asked, eyeing the small cake box on my desk. “No one’s,” Cathy said, eyeing the box. “That wasn't here when we left, and why was it on your desk?” I might have guessed it was a mistake but my desk was pretty distinctive. It was the only wooden one... Continue Reading →

Heroes & Hellhounds, Episode 10

Nevaeh There was a knock at the door to my flat. I glanced at the blood-filled cup in my hand, then I shoved it into the fridge before going to answer. “Well, I half thought I’d never see you again,” I murmured as I saw who stood there. “I’ve been busy, but I think it’s... Continue Reading →

Vampire novella – Preview Snippet

Brothers Betrayal By Eleanor Rousseau Chapter One “Take what you need, brother,” said the woman who stood opposite him, reaching out a hand as an offering, completely unafraid of the monster that stood so dangerously close. He hadn’t taken sustenance in two months and it had reduced him to a pale sack of bones and... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! I know it's been a long time since I've posted any new content. As always the holidays have been, to put it mildly, hectic. Due to the craziness, I wasn't able to keep up with my usual blog posts so instead of leaving you guys hanging, I published a small novella,... Continue Reading →

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