Cadence: My Angel, Chapter 7

Chapter Seven -  I was playing with a tiger that I had conjured from earth when I heard bells in my mind. "I'm sorry Tamara, It seems I have a visitor, good luck when those cubs arrive." She wandered over and nuzzled my hand. I patted her large head twice before she disappeared and returned to Siberia. The... Continue Reading →


Cadence: My Angel, Chapter 6

Chapter Six - "Hey guys," I said as I reached the benches outside the high school, where Fey and her friends were sitting eating lunch. "Hey. Are you okay? We were worried," Fey told me, glancing my way. I nodded. "Nothing some aspirin can't fix," I told her, aware that some people at the table where unaware... Continue Reading →

Nothing Stays Buried – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Gabe was one step behind her as she stumbled through the hallway into the kitchen. “Ma?” asked Tanya as she stood by the doorway, taking in the sight of her mother who was clearly distressed. Mrs Barracks quickly rubbed the evidence of her tears from her cheeks. “It’s okay, honey, Martin was... Continue Reading →

Avon’s Short Story

So, recently I’ve given away a few copies of a short story from Avon’s perspective. If you missed the giveaways, don’t fret, there’s still a chance to snag one. I am giving them away to anyone who has left a review for my book Demons and Hellholes on either Amazon or Goodreads. The review doesn’t... Continue Reading →

FB Book Release Event

Hi guys, so I'm sure you are aware that I'm re-releasing my book Demons and Hellholes, a Grimmer Legacy novel. What you might not know is that I'm having a facebook event to celebrate. There will be free snippets, some giveaways and a chance to get a character named after you in one of my... Continue Reading →

Cadence: My Angel, Chapter 5

Chapter Five - A loud siren blasted  in the distance, getting closer, and we could see smoke above a nearby row of houses. "Ah," said Julian with a hand to his chest. "What is it, baby?" Fey asked, facing him now. His breathing was a little faster and I could guess that his heartbeat was the same.... Continue Reading →

Heroes & Hellhounds, Episode 13

Nevaeh It was reading week so I had no lectures and I wasn’t required at my job, apparently, they had other people capable of torturing puppies. I was bored so I’d tracked down the others in my cadre. For some reason they were hanging out in an old mansion, everything was covered in a layer... Continue Reading →

Cadence: My Angel, Chapter 4

Chapter Four - I awoke on the sofa with my head on a pillow that rested on Arthur's thigh. I sat up abruptly and rubbed my eyes. "I thought you were going out," I said, looking out the window where the sun was rising. He smiled a little. "I went after you fell asleep and... Continue Reading →

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